The Kindergarten

Our kindergarten program follows the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and is designed to prepare the students for the next educational level, the primary school.

In Our kindergarten, we use contemporary educational materials combined with technology. The children learn how to write, to read, to spell, and also start to become familiarized with the numbers through mathematical calculations. During the school year, the children try to equip themselves with knowledge which will improve their behavior in a competitive environment. This is how we equip the children with all the appropriate educational tools; also we show them not only what to do but also the way to do it. Hence, they become capable of scholarly or socially managing every situation that can affect their future.

The principal goal of our kindergarten is to motivate the interest of the children through knowledge and creativity in a delightful way. This is how, such knowledge leaves an imprint that arms them with the sense of safety and confidence coupled with a pleasant memory.

Thus, our great happiness and reward is when our students come back to our kindergarten to meet again with teachers after they have grown up. Sometimes, our students come back, as parents this time, with their own families to entrust their own children to us.