Educational programs

In our educational programs we actually use a combination of educational methods that are followed by our teachers. This aims at developing the personality of the children, to improve their behavior and to prepare them appropriately in order to have a smooth adaptation into a social environment.

Our small child groups constitute of 10-13 children allowing them to work individually and consequently as a member of a team.  This enhances their sociability making them obtain initiatives that are basic equipment to face the world of tomorrow. In our classes, the child also obtains his first contact with letters, numbers, shapes, pictures and also practices in a foreign language: English or French, on a daily basis.

From our educational programs, the child has the chance to join our music and rhythm classes based on the ORFF system as well as ballet classes in order to have harmony in their movements, the sense of musical rhythm and the right pose of the body.

Also, the children have the chance to join our swimming classes that take place once a week at the Olympic leisure campus (OAKA).

Our educational programs also cover excursions to museums and to other cultural parks as well as theatres. During these visits, the children have the chance to come in touch with  nature through  art,  culture and most of the times, they will  have  the chance to participate actively with their own unique way in the preparation process of agricultural products, or by playing a role during an interactive theatrical play.

There is no complete educational program without fun. Creative play is basic for children from which they can learn how to cooperate, to compete, to share, to be part of a team and to train their brains and potentialities in order to reach their goal, moreover, it enables them to relax and to release their energy.