MARY POPPINS was founded in 1964 by Mrs Katerina Varvarigou and was primarily  located in kehagia str in  the  Suburb of Filothei. After that it moved to Kodrou str in Filothei where it is located up until now.


After all these years, the founder Katerina Varvarigou, remains closely and completely dedicated to children,   embracing them with her love and tenderness.


It is Mrs. Katerina Varvarigou’s extensive experience in the service of preschool age that   lead and inspired her daughter Mrs. Elina Varvarigou, who holds a degree  in French Literature from the university of Dijon, to  work in Mary Poppins ever since  1990. In 2012, she undertook the management of the school and remains the principal of the school up until now. This experience also inspires and leads the educational staff of the school which is comprised   of experienced and highly qualified Greek and foreign teachers to strive with passion and patience to inspire their student to ethically and spiritually thrive.

At Mary Poppins, we consider every child as a member of team as well as a specific individual. Thus our educational programs are designed in a way so that the children release their energy through expression and creativity.


A good cooperation between the teachers and parents can be achieved through meetings   where we can discuss all the matters that might affect the child’s progress during the school year. On the one hand, through this cooperation we are able to determine possible points of weaknesses so that we can try to handle issues in the most appropriate way. On the other hand, we are able to notice abilities and skills which we try to reveal by encouraging and embracing them.


This is how we have been able to receive the best possible results throughout all these years.